Through the Vendor Portal, you will be able to:

Add new items, modifiers, and options to your menu

Edit categories, items, modifiers, and options (setting prices, descriptions and names for each)

Sort categories, items, and modifiers

Temporarily deactivate items

Remove items from your menu permanently

Update modifier settings

For more information about using the Menu Editor, check out the Menu Editor Guide. 

If you need more assistance in updating your menu, please submit a Menu Update Request to our Menu Specialist team through the Cloudamart Care Support page. When completing the form to submit a Menu Update Request, please ensure that the guidelines outline are kept in mind. 

NOTE: You may also call our live support team for assistance on urgent small, partial menu requests that you are having trouble with such as:

item price updates

adding/removing main items permanently

adding/removing side options permanently

item deactivation - permanently

Updating A Shared Menu

If you have a shared menu (i.e a menu that is shared across multiple locations), you will be able to make edits only if you are logged in as someone that has Manager or Admin access to all the stores a specific menu is shared with. If you need access to a shared menu, please contact us via Cloudamart Care.

Also, note that making a change to a shared menu (other than temporarily deactivating an item) will be reflected on all stores that menu is shared with. 

Learn more about shared menus here.