Understanding the data:
  • Net Sales: How much money you’ve brought in (gross sales less tax, commission, refunds, marketing fees, and any store charges). Use this section to see just how much money you generated within your chosen date range while collaborating with Cloudamart! Note, this may change depending on potential adjustments. 
  • Total Orders: The number of completed orders you’ve received through Cloudamart within your chosen timeline
  • Average Ticket Size: The average amount of money customers spent (within your chosen timeline) when they ordered from your catalogue. 
  • Customers: Use this to compare how many orders were made to how many different customers ordered them
  • Customer Ratings: This is what customers are rating you on Cloudamart when they place an order from your store 

How can the Vendor Portal Dashboard be accessed? 

You may only log into the Vendor Portal with a desktop, laptop or mobile phone using any internet browsers. admin.cloudamart.com selecting suppliers tab. Using a mobile device to access the Vendor Portal will also cause issues and is not recommended. 

How can I set sub-admins for the Vendor Portal Dashboard access? 

Under the Sub-admins section, you can control logins for employees or business partners providing only limited access.