What is First Order, $10 off Promo?
First Order, $10 off promo is a paid marketing promotion on Cloudamar that encourages new customer acquisition by offering Free Delivery to first-time customers! When a customer logs into Cloudamart, they will see “$10 off first order”. Stores that enrol in early with us will get the priority and benefits from this Company promo. 

How does the promotion work?

The first time the customer orders, Cloudamart will cover the $10 off amount and pay the business the full amount of the closed sale. The order must reach a minimum subtotal of $10 to be eligible for $10 off promo. The next time that customer orders from your stores, they pay the delivery fee like normal. 

What kind of boost can I expect from First Order, $10 off promo?
First Order, $10 off promo has been known to boost sales by 20-35% over a given period of time. We recommend enrolling as soon as possible for at least an 8 week period to allow enough time for impressions to be made on customers. This will also increase the number of redemptions and likelihood for re-orders from customers. The ROI on First Order, $10 off promo average 1,600% annually when incorporating repeat orders. In fact, customers acquired spend $80 on average over their first 12 months after ordering.

How can I sign up for First Order, $10 of promo?

This is a platform-wide promo we will promote your store on our app and being one of the first vendors on the platform this will ensure all orders are pushed on to your store.