The Vendor Portal is a self-help tool for Partners to review and update important information such as sales history, bank account information, business hours, activate or deactivate their store, and much more. The Portal is available to Partners after the registration process is complete. Use the Portal to activate your store so you can begin receiving orders from Cloudamart!

You can review the different tabs :

  • Catalogue: Confirm menu pricing, pictures, and descriptions are correct

    • Select a sub-menu category to manually add or change a specific item’s name, description, or price.

  • Bank Account: Verify bank account and Tax ID information. (Connected with Stripe)

  • Business Hours: Edit store hours for each day of the week.

  • Activate: Select this when your store is ready to receive orders and your staff is aware of Cloudamart and our drivers. Tap Activate Store to start receiving orders.

    If you can’t activate your store, it might mean that the onboarding team is still processing your application. Check your email to check if we asked for additional information. There are a variety of titles these emails could be called. 
    Your business is now live email will be sent for you to go live on the Cloudamart app & begin accepting orders.

NOTE: If you need further assistance and have a designated Cloudmart point-of-contact (i.e. Account Owner), reach out to them for help as they will be your best resource throughout the onboarding and activation process. If you do not have an Account Owner, contact us at Cloudamart Vendor Support.