Cloudamart is a technology company that connects local consumers and local businesses with delivery by independent contractors. Learn more at

How do customers place orders?
Customers place orders on the Cloudamart app available for IOS & Android mobile devices. Once an order is placed, you’ll receive it via your choice of order display. There are 2 types of order display protocols you can use the Cloud Vendor app or the Cloud Vendor Portal. Additionally, we support multiple Point of Sale providers and can integrate with your POS system. 

How do I get paid for orders?
Customers pay Cloudamart directly, and our partners receive a weekly direct deposit on a 7-day rolling basis from Cloudamart/Stripe partnership. 

How do I receive orders from Cloudamart?
The order will display on the Cloud Vendor app or the Portal, the business will receive the customer’s order details. 

How do I request for Drivers to come & collect the orders?
Once you accept the order, it will go into "Order confirmed" Status, As you process the order select "In-Process" Status, once you complete the order prep select "Ready to be picked" Status, this will ping all nearby drivers to come to collect it. Once they collect it the status will change to "On the way" & your order will go into order history once the status is in "Delivered".