What license do I need to become a Cloud Agent?

We only accept full license classes in Canada. 

I did not finish my background check and now I can't figure out how to get back. What should I do?

Look for an email from clients_canada@certn.com with the subject line "Cloudamart Has Requested Your Consent For Screening" and click on the Continue button in the email to get back to your background check profile. 

What if I can't find my Certn link?

Please go to cloudamart.com/support for assistance. You can get in touch with a support agent by selecting the phone or chat option.

The Continue link is asking me for a password. I haven’t created a password yet!

Re-open the email, and try the Cloudamart account email and password. If that does not work, please click on Reset Password and input a new password.

I’m not sure what to fill in for Surname at birth, former name and date of entry?

Please fill in all applicable fields - however, not all fields are required, and those that are required are marked with *. If you do miss a required field, an orange box will appear at the bottom of the page to highlight which field you are missing.

How many pieces of ID do we need?

You need 2 pieces of government ID. For a list of accepted government ID's please click the scroll bar to scroll through the full list of ID's.

What is an ID document number?

Every document has an ID, for example - the Passport Number or the Driver’s License number. Always make sure to input this number in the ID document number field along with any piece of ID uploaded.